I used to think …

we wouldn’t be able to make an impact in such a short time

it wasn’t possible to do the DFC properly if we weren’t in our community

that we will not get more connection with all but it is not like that, we are all together

I would not be able to mix up with the Andover students as I was not confident about my English

that changing mindset of anyone individual would not create that much impact on society

that it would be really hard to get along with the Andover student and complete the project!

DFC project was not at all possible in 2 weeks time

that the ‘Niswarth’ would be boring.

that solving/working on a huge problem would take a lot of time

that all Akanksha schools are working great and the students, teachers are very connected

that I can’t make friendship with the other students and I can’t express my own views or opinions

that dealing with another commuity’s problems was going to feel uncomfortal at every step

that this problem was too big for me. That we couldn’t really change it because, it was so abstract and we had such little time.

that I would not be able to communicate with the Andover students and I would be made a person whose fun will be made

that 2 weeks was too long for the program

changing the rhythm of the school for the better would be close to impossible…

changing something is a long process

that lots of students liked the way they are treated in the society. But no, they don’t. They hate bias and that’s good.

it was very hard to create a tangible. meaningful solution to a large, abstract problem in a number of days

change in 7 days is possible

we can’t change someone’s mindset in just a couple of days

India and the U.S. were like two different worlds

I don’t have anything common

that for a DFC project 1 week is a short period of time and we would not get enough out of it

that I will not be able to interact and collaborate with complete strangers

that it won’t work, we students from different cultures. It would create a lot of misunderstandings.

that CHANGE is about being NEW

I would have nothing in common with the people in this room

that 1.5 weeks is too less to be friends with people who you don’t know

students aren’t eager to be the change in their communities

that it was hard to find love in the world