Now I know …

that 1.5 weeks time is more than enough to make life-long friends

I have made long-lasting relationships with people from different cultures

Love is universal, Forever, For anyone

what seems like a small part of a solution to a big problem can still have a big impact

what TEAMWORK really works. Love U Niswarth team.

people of different backgrounds can work together and create a masterpiece

big changes require more than 2 weeks

that I can speak and also have fun with the Andover students and I would not be made fun in our group, rather I am respected in my group

Now I know how important empathy is in not only the classroom, but beyond. Empathy can solve lots of things.

There is always room for fun!

2 weeks is not nearly long enough and I want more

now I have worked on this project I know that and individual can bring a lot of change and we can create a change by passing this message to each other

that we don’t need time to get along with people from different culture, you only need a free mind and heart to welcome people and then the people welcomes us back

that I have a voice which is heard by my friends and students from Andover too

that change doesn’t need a lot of time and it can happen in a couple of seconds

It takes effort to uncover the true story behind something. At first, everything looked fine!

It is actually easy to open up to complete strangers rather than your old friends because you don’t know them much

things will never seem until u give it a try

to achieve some goal you need a team, with teammates who understand each other, care for each other. And don’t have bias thoughts! :)

that I can communicate with everyone, share my view and we will have great days in Niswarth

that to make changes we do not need much time and also we are capable of making a change in our society

You can always find similarities and ways to connect with people, and this connection can lead to change

that when you want to see change, its not the time which matters but the spirit and willingness to jump in and solve the problems :)

we are all one and happy to be with one as together

the importance of unity in diversity

that as long as you believe in the problem and put your purest effort in for the benefit of others, anything is possible :)

being friends with new people is quite easier

that Niswarth is all about making friends and it is the most interesting thing. It’s easy to mix up if you have feelings and not an attitude

that inclusive collaboration really helps (solve many things)


that a small hope of light can lighten the whole room in a few seconds

that change is about renewing your OLD

that small rituals in the classroom mean a lot to students’ feeling of belonging

that it’s not about the time but the seeds that we sow of change which eventually keeps growing

that to understand feelings is more important than language

that I’m good at English

that I do have common thought with people in this room

that love and friendship aren’t limited by time or culture

students want and can be the change in their community