Since its inception in 1999, the Niswarth program has developed a library of resources, including articles, interviews, books, and other materials designed to prepare students for their summer experience. In addition to program-specific links, Mr. Mundra recommends a series of readings and videos to prompt reflection, discussion, action, and learning about good global citizenship practices, modes, and opportunities.

While each of our global programs provide specific materials related to their geographical and disciplinary focus, there are a number of overlapping themes and questions that emerge – how to be a thoughtful, open, and engaged global citizen; what are helpful tools and skills through which to approach, process, and reflect on these experiences; where might there be opportunities to tie them back into the PA experience and classroom?

Required Reading/Viewing

Niswarth Library

PA Links


  • Gandhi – the movie.  An excellent overview of Mahatma Gandhi’s life.   Much of our work will be with organizations who have transformed Gandhi’s ideas about development into the modern context.
  • Bollywood movies – fun to watch and important commentary about education in India: Three IdiotsLagaan
  • Poor Kids -- A Frontline documentary about children and poverty in the United States (2012)

  • Films by Deepa Mehta: two in her renown trilogy are especially relevant for us: Earth (1998) depicts the ways Partition violence in 1947 tears apart families and friends.  Water (2005) asks questions about gender and religion in the 1930s and 1940s.

Partners – we will discuss the notion of partnerships and what our relationships may be with these outstanding organizations.  Niswarth has developed and nurtured these partnerships over many years:

Radio Broadcasts

TED Talks

News Sources – What is being reported by the New York Times and BBC as the most important news coming from India? How is India portrayed and represented in Western English-language media?