GEBG 2019 - Atlanta

The Process IS the Product

As our world becomes increasingly divisive and pressures mount on students and professionals to ‘perform’ and ‘achieve,’ mental health is deteriorating and it is becoming increasingly evident that we, as educators, need to rethink how we are approaching human connection and collaboration. Join Raj Mundra, Director of Niswarth, a Learning in the World program of Phillips Academy Andover, and Maya Higgins, a director at Putney Student Travel, to explore what it takes to develop the framework for a global education model that sheds expectations to produce a final ‘product’ and instead invites participants on a journey focused on the core values of empathy, humility, and gratitude. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore pieces of the Design for Change pedagogy, gain resources for developing high quality programmatic framework which supports truly inclusive collaboration and intentional reflection, and investigate best practices and lessons learned with this unique approach of valuing process over product.

Niswarth slide deck

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