Niswarth: Process is the Product

Educators at Andover and schools throughout the country are invited to join us on the Phillips Academy Andover campus from Friday, March 15, to Saturday, March 16, 2019, for a workshop that will focus on the Niswarth Model as a framework for designing effective global learning opportunities for students. The goals of this workshop are:

  1. Through the lens of Niswarth's three core values (humility, empathy, and gratitude), workshop participants will explore the benefits of a "process-over-product" approach to global education.

  2. Give participants access and information on resources to understand and implement a Niswarth framework that will address the logistics, relationships, and curriculum necessary to support a community-based, service-learning program.

  3. Through reflections and guided dialogue, participants will explore their own global education models and plan future steps needed to strengthen existing programs or design new, values-based programs.

    More workshop information at the Tang Institute Blog Site and registration information here.