Niswarth: Process is the Product

Educators at Andover and schools throughout the country came together on the Phillips Academy Andover campus on Friday, March 15, and Saturday, March 16, 2019, for a workshop that focused on the Niswarth Model as a framework for designing effective global learning opportunities for students. The goals of this workshop:

  1. Through the lens of Niswarth's three core values (humility, empathy, and gratitude), workshop participants will explore the benefits of a "process-over-product" approach to global education.

  2. Give participants access and information on resources to understand and implement a Niswarth framework that will address the logistics, relationships, and curriculum necessary to support a community-based, service-learning program.

  3. Through reflections and guided dialogue, participants will explore their own global education models and plan future steps needed to strengthen existing programs or design new, values-based programs.

Two articles to learn more about Niswarth: