The Big Reveal

At the mention of a painting, all eyes turned to the canvas board leaning against the wall, revealed to our eyes by the twist of Somna’s wrist. We all sat in awe, gasps and wows floating in the air. Previously, we had been sipping our butter tea and asking the various questions that popped into our minds, but after the reveal, my mind was centered and focused. The striking colours and the attention to detail stood out, though that piece just became a starting point for a deep and newfound appreciation for the house and its inhabitants; other pieces were pointed out to us, including a figurehead above a framed picture portrait of the royal family. I remember spending the rest of the time attempting to memorize the little details on their walls (yellow with backing with blue stripes adorned with finer details), for pictures could not do my eyes justice, nor could it fully capture this warmth that I held in my heart as we left their home. Their openness with sharing so much of themselves with us and the atmosphere of home is something I hope to carry with me onwards.

- Alice