how to build and run a school

Hi, This is Rishi of the Cathedral and John Connon School and I am hosting Dylan and Dennis. Today we mostly had discussions around the idea of perspectives.  We watched two TED talks one on "the danger of a single story" and the other on “myths and mythology: east vs west”. We taught the kids from Andover how to say a few simple phrases in Hindi and count from 1 to 10. Also we got an interactive presentation from The Parthenon Group and this is what actually interested me the most.  It was really different to see the Indian System of Education in that perspective.  The discussions were great and the main point in focus was how are we going to take a country like India forward through education. It was surprising that only 14% of our 1.2 billion population go on to tertiary level education (compared to 70% in the US). They made us do an activity where we had to think of the most important things to look at when we are building and running a school. Today overall was an amazing experience and cant wait for the trip to Dharavi tomorrow!!