Chicken Curry and Long Flights

           Right now I am exhausted, hungry, and despising the nine hour flight to come. Despite these seemingly poor mental conditions I am beside myself with excitement, and cannot wait to finally reach India. This trip has al ready tested me in many mental ways. Before embarking on this three week journey I had never traveled to another continent, or stayed up all night. Now as I sit here in the London airport I can confidently say that I never want to pull an all-nighter ever again. 

            As I prepare to board the connecting flight to Mumbai I have had time to reflect on some of the customs and practices that I have had to leave behind in Andover. As soon as I boarded the flight to London I forced myself to exit my comfort zone, and begin an adventure that I knew would have a life long impact on me. Moreover I have left any biased or selfish attitudes behind, and have brought a positive and open minded frame of mind. I am prepared to participate in activities that I would normally feel uncomfortable with, and meet with a variety of different people.

            Surprisingly an opportunity to leave my comfort came on the plane before we even arrived on India. For lunch I had the option of “Western style Chicken” or “Indian Chicken Curry”. At first I instinctively ordered the western option, however I caught myself. I thought to myself, “Peter, you are about to go to India, so it’s probably a good idea to start eating actual Indian food”. Immediately I switched my order and received a plate full of unfamiliar food, and strange condiments. Even though this was a very small and inconspicuous choice I feel that it was an important first step in leaving my comfort zone. Once I actually arrive in India I feel prepared to throwaway some of my timid and non-adventurous tendencies, and embrace the fearless version of myself.