Has anything ever been so...?

We step inside a nondescript shop. Mr. Mundra shakes hands with the owner. They both beam at each other. This is ‘Harry’, I presume. I smile and shake his outstretched hand. At very first glance nothing about this store is particularly striking. One closer look is all it takes to see the beauty here. Shelves are lined with alluring artifacts; silk scarves, jade elephants, walnut jewelry boxes, and silver daggers. Every beautiful thing I have ever associated with India is brought to life before my eyes. They are each more stunning than could ever be imagined. Each corner of the shop is intoxicating. Has anything ever been so exquisite? There’s almost too much beauty to be seen and had. But not quite. Something warm is placed in my hand, and, for a moment, I am distracted by the sweet aroma of chai. Has anything ever been so flavorful? Harry darts deftly between potential customers, his charming smile breaking down their defenses. For you, he says, this much, only for you. I didn’t need much convincing anyway.