Internal Conflicts

My room at the MCA expresses an interesting contrast between our working environment and where we stay. Within my room there are two comfortable beds with cream white sheets, and soft pillows. Adjacent to the beds is a large window that reveals an Olympic sized swimming pool, surrounded by lush shrubs. The bathroom is equally impressive with off white granite walls, and blood red granite floors. Both surfaces are flawlessly smooth, and free of any imperfections. Although the room I am staying in is very luxurious it conjures feelings of guilt and conflict. During the day we travel the streets of Mumbai, and I have witnessed the grimmest poverty I have ever seen in my life. Shacks with walls of cardboard and roofs of scrap metal line some of the streets in the city. I feel frustrated that we are living in luxury, while some of the people that we are attempting to interact with are living in filth and unacceptable conditions. The contrast in living conditions makes me uncomfortable. Part of me wishes that I could experience their way of life in an attempt to understand what there emotions are. I believe that it is imperative to understand or at least have an idea of other people’s emotions in order to connect with them, and create meaningful bonds. However, the difference in our living conditions is a barrier that is hard to overcome. I feel that if I were somebody living in an extremely poor area I would not be able to trust and create an emotional connection with somebody that is visiting from a wealthy country and living in cricket club designated for the rich and entitled.