The Riverside School is a fantastic academic institution, and I believe that it provides its students with excellent academic and social support. The campus is beautiful, the children are well spoken, and the teachers are direct and supportive. Coming from Andover we are exposed to the competitive environment of the college admission process, I believe that there should be more of a focus in supporting students and preparing them for their pursuits after Riverside. We received a lovely presentation from a group of twelfth grade students, which was very informative. After the fabulous presentation students and teachers form the Niswarth group were asking questions and conversing with the Riverside students and teachers. Someone asked what the students planned to do after graduating from Riverside and only one of the three students had a plan in place. These students seemed like they had not been given a guideline or set of steps to help them during the transition to new academic communities. I am aware that not all students would like to pursue further education but they should be well informed and given support in the matter. The Riverside students seemed so passionate about their education and learning that they should be fully prepared to take advantage of the many education options open to such intelligent students. As our group only was able to spend a few hours at the Riverside school Iā€™m sure much of our understandings are limited, yet the short time we were able to spend with these gifted students was magical. --Dale