TFI Fellowship

The past three days were some of the most enjoyable and exciting that I have had on this trip. A few other students and I worked with fellows from Teach For India in a Dharavi government school. We worked in the 6th Standard, which was composed of mainly 11 and 12 year olds. We taught, danced, played, drew, and conversed with many children. The concrete school was dirty and run down, but the spirit wasn’t. In the span of three days I experienced an uncanny energy from the students’ eagerness to learn. Seeing such excitement and bustle from the students was very encouraging. The education that they are receiving with help from Teach For India will open up many possibilities in their lives. Such excellent education provides these students with the freedom of choice. They will be able to pursue further educational paths opening them up to many more career options and intellectual paths. Many people take education for granted and do not strive to take the most from what they learn, but this is not the case of the students we worked with. The students we worked with lived in and around one of the densest slums in the world and they were overwhelmed by the opportunity that they have by being able just to go to school. In many places in India children do not have the chance to go to school and be educated so for these children to have the ability to attend school is a privilege. --Dale