Where is my mind?

As I sit, waiting with my new friends in a rather busy Boston Logan food court, my mind melts into a state of what can best be described as a strong opiate high reserved for only the most unconditioned of travelers. It is a vibrant tingle that starts from your head and slowly makes its way down to your toes, like a long red curtain that is lowered to conclude a performance. Everything around you seems vague and artificial but when you engage in a conversation a ripple clears your vision and your attentiveness is on point, similar to a car ending its speedy travels at a red light. Everything about this unearthly feeling seems to indicate endings. But what in my life has come to a close? Maybe this trip symbolizes to me as the actual completion to my upper year or perhaps this conclusion is as simple as the time of me not having traveled to India will come to an end. This trip could mean a lot of things, but what I do know is that I am confused. I am not sure where I am right now mentally, but I know that I will eventually understand my feelings once I am able to compare them to the feelings that I will have at the end of this trip. Only then will I truly understand where I am at the start to this trip. Getting on this plane to Dubai means that I will be taking a three week hiatus from my home life and thusly leaving behind all the extraneous opportunities that I would have had if I had stayed at home. But as my brother, an ex-Peace Corps volunteer, says, “Taking time from your life to go on an adventure that you know little of is invaluable.” Everything will be alright.