Day 1

Coming to this trip, I’m leaving behind my responsibilities .All those external distraction vanish into the thin air as if they never existed in the first place. Instead of worrying for what is yet to come after the Summer, I get to enjoy and explore new horizons. In a way I'm leaving my family, not forever but for a period of time. Coming home for two weeks and then leaving didn't give me the right amount of time to settle in as I had one done before. I’m leaving behind my expectations— packed away in the smallest corner of my mind— and a big part of my culture; all of this with the intent of adopting a new culture that might become of a part of myself. Every time I got out of each of the planes I boarded to get to Dubai, I saw fresh, sleepy but mostly new faces. Faces that were so different to me and that I would probably never get a chance to see again. Faces that hide hopes and dreams at the same time they try to conceal fears and failure. Every person seemed wrapped on their own world: fast paced and never stopping. I take a deep breath and realize that my life followed the same pace when I was at Andover and even at home. During this trip I wanna give myself a chance at just going through these days as slow as I can and enjoy every single moment of it.