he stood out from the rest

He was small for a sixth grader but his confidence filled up the village, his laughter booming throughout the schoolyard. He had black, untamed hair and dark skin. He wore the same uniform as every other student in primary school, yet he stood out from the rest through the means by which he carried himself. He was obviously dedicated to his studies-- his book was glued to his fingers when he left his classroom to meet us— but he valued humor and entertainment just as much.

                  “Maaru naam Munna hein” he excitedly told me. Munna went on to explain his interest in frisbee and cricket, as well as his love for math and science. Passion drove his actions and his fun-loving nature drove his words. He gave an energy of affection and excitement as he asked me for my name and where I live. This energy spread to me and throughout his friends and classmates.


Munna’s character will stay with me because he demonstrated an ability to energize his community. I find this very important, especially in a small village like Lilapur that is in need of large reform. His passion spread to others in the community, which is crucial to allowing an area develop and progress. It made me happy to think of his future, as well as the future of the village. As just a sixth grader, Munna has the ability to motivate his community in a way that most people can’t. People listen to what he says with genuine interest because of his heart-warming personality and loving attitude I know that he will make a large difference in Lilapur and energize many people to make an active change in their own lives.

However, I also think that we need people like Munna everywhere. Even on campus at Andover, there are problems that need to be fixed. However, as a community, we are unmotivated to solve these. Imagine how much better our school would be if someone were to make people feel passionate about the lack of water fountains in dorms. Problems would get solved. Motivation and passion are two concepts that bring change, and that is why people like Munna are so important to Lilapur and the world.