I raise my hands to cusp my eyes, anxiously awaiting the highly acclaimed Alphonso mango. I uncomfortably sit in the darkness, slightly opening my eyes out of anticipation. My eyes retreated into the darkness, and I began to picture the slices of mango that would soon be brought over to the table. Then suddenly, I could hear the plate being placed in front of me, and the anticipation of the Alphonso mango delicacy transformed into a reality. I bowed towards the plate in an attempt to smell the mango, but to no avail. I anxiously waited to engage my sense of taste, as I was unable to see or smell the mango.

            Finally, I heard the green light to dig into the illustrious Alphonso mango. I gently punctured a slice of mango with my fork, unsure of where I was aiming. As I raised the mango to my mouth, I felt my senses heightening, as if my taste buds knew that I was about to taste the supposed top notch mango of India. The exact moment the slice of Alphonso mango made contact with my tongue, I knew the rumors were true. The slice slowly melted in my mouth, as though it were the nectar of the gods. I was in heaven.