In the Moment

Life exists in the present, not in the past or future. The future is undefined, the past is certain, and the end is definite.

            At Andover, I find that I shortchange the present and mainly focus on the future. Instead of enjoying everyday interactions, my mind often fixates on upcoming major assignments. For instance, when I attend the weekly cluster much on Wednesday night, the only thing on my mind are the quizzes, tests, and essays I have due at the end of the week. It’s hard to recall many moments at Andover when I didn’t have an assignment hanging over my head. The constantly stressful nature that Andover’s curriculum fosters complicates my ability to live in the moment without defaulting into a mindset focused on the future.

            I feel that my time in Gujarat has drawn me further apart from my daily distractions and greater in touch with the present moment. Yet, I’m not quite sure how to implement this newfound sense of living at home and, especially, at Andover. My greatest fear is that I may lose the sense of clarity that I have cultivated in our travels in the Niswarth program.


            “Life is like a flashlight” -Nimo Patel