A hole in your heart

Quite ironically, Jayesh Patel, leader of Manav Sadhna and ESI, touched on many of the principles we attempted to embody while at the School for the Blind, including fearlessness and tackling the fear of the unknown. As we sat together in a heart formation, Jayesh Patel expressed that “when you remove all expectations…then you leave a hole in your heart for desire.” As we sat in a drastically different circle at Riverside, our DFC leader refused to tell us the project we were about to encounter, and the many challenges we were about to face. In doing so, we approached each problem critically. We discontinued viewing the children as a project, and we viewed them as a community of children that desired change to occur in their school. Jayesh Patel stated that in order to affect change “you can’t work for results, but you must work from your heart.” His statement mirrored the very transformation that took place in our lives this very week. Over the course of four days, we transmogrified into more mindful human beings, who filled our hearts with love as we greeted every child each morning, and with love as we tackled the numerous issues that resided in this school’s community.