Infinite Heart

“The heart has no limits.”


My heart feels infinite

lighter, limitless

at ease and still,

cleansed of spite.


The heart has no limits:

an independent soul,

sanitation, cleaning away spite

to make way for love.


Sole independence brings freedom

freedom brings peace

peace brings love

love creates life.


My inner peace is free

at ease and still

aligned with the stars and mind;

my heart is infinite.


Note about Infinite:

To me, love is an endless cycle. An endless cycle of giving, spreading, sharing. Love is not a transaction. In fact, this cycle may often be a repeating one-way street. Infinite is a pantoum; I used the repeating lines of the pantoum to represent the limitless potential and endless capacity of love. In my poem, I wrote to capture the feeling of utmost peace in my heart. I found this peace in the form of freedom, and connection with my inner self. This connection created a sense of independence, the ability to send love to myself. Because I am able to love my own heart, I feel as if I am able to send love to others. I brought in the practice of sanitation, which I believe is directly correlated to the cleanliness of one’s heart. By cleaning away evil thoughts in one’s own body, they are able to view the world through a pure, non-judgemental set of eyes.

When I meditated at Seva Café, we were instructed to send good thoughts and energy to our friends, family, and all the negative people we knew. I sent my love in the form of spiritual golden rays, which ignited and manifested themselves into strong bonds. Now, when I encounter spite in my life, I breathe: in, out, in out. I envision the golden rays stretching out and ushering the destructive thoughts away. Each breath is a ray, and each ray is a blessing of love.


How To Wash A Plate


I. Clear Food Waste

Wipe away the food

don’t leave a trace of worry

let the waste compost.


II. Rinse Plate

Use water to clean

the soul of stress and spite

use it mindfully.


III. Soap Plate

Take the sponge and soap

scrub off the bad energy

bubbles shall remain.


IV. Rinse Plate

Turn the water on

to complete the whole process

no bubbles remain.


V. Dry Plate

Take your spotless plate

move forward to a new day

hang it up to dry.