the sky opened up, and so did my heart

so many laughs were shared

laughs from the bottom of our stomachs

laughs that formed lines around our eyes

laughs that brought us closer with each howl


but although laughter is the best medicine

sometimes all you need is to stand under pouring rain

arms reached up to the sky to welcome whatever falls

spinning so fast your hair forms a halo around your face


seva seva seva

love love love


ive never before felt so close to niswarth--

we are not separate people

on separate journeys who just happen to be together

we were one entity, one journey, one person


it was like the sky held back for the entire week

just to make our time at seva that much more special

we wouldnt have danced if it wasnt for the rain

and we wouldnt have sung if it wasnt for eachother


i dont believe in coincidences

so i know we are here together

for a reason

even if it is not yet clear


but not everything in life has to be complex

we dont have to be here to have epiphanies

or revelations

why cant we just be here together


we can be here to dance in the rain

we can be here to laugh until tears fall

we can be here to share smiles and stories

we can be here to sing until our throats hurt


one one one

i didnt feel it until seva but

the rain held our hands until we got there

and the rain brought us closer than ever before


the sky opened up and

so did my heart