Zero to One

A pure and simple heart sewn by

Laughter—resonating, echoing across the

Label “Joy of Togetherness”

I am part of a community neither of relatives nor neighbors

Strangers transformed into loved ones

On the connections of full hearts

Now rippling away


Youth are the present, with

Unbelievable superpowers, believing

Heart makes family, and

Education saves lives


Zero to One

Hand in hand, we are




The excitement and anticipation to read new blog posts has never ended for me.  I have read each and every one of them, taking away bits and pieces. 

And I have learned to listen with an open heart-mind.  Really.  Clearing my mind of previous experience or clouded judgment paves way for new experience and noble friendship.  Whether I like it or not (accept everything), I listen to instructions, infectious laughter, and the joy when Niswarthians are together.  Our family of the: small and big thinkers, practical and idealistic, mango lovers and mango not-so-lovers came together and made our moments, like at Seva Café, unforgettable highlights of the trip.  However, United Emirates is soon to fly us out of India, so now what?

We are the present.  I can perform small things with great love, because I have seen it happen in a place with immeasurable love.  I see the importance of my daily interactions and how applicable “user-needs” is.  Jayesh bhai told us: Money may fund projects, but heart starts family.  Mr. Khemka told us: Leaving a village without education is like putting them on life support.

I have only seen a tiny section of India, and in that tiny section, a small portion of people.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen a huge amount of love. India is huge. The heart is infinite.

Heart to heart, hand in hand, I learned with Niswarthians…

-       Defecation Stories

-       Mafia Games

-       Love of Lilapur

-       Shared Wisdom

-       Marriage Advice

-       Gulab Jamun Recipes

-       Rain Dances

-       Serving

-       Love

I am flying to Shanghai. Mr. Mundra is flying to Chennai.  Maddie to Boston.  Malika to Cote d’Ivore.  Alex to San Francisco.  Love is everywhere.*


I think not.

*Mr. Mundra, Maddie, Malika, Alex, and I were grouped into the car named Love.