Niswarth- What I'm Leaving Behind

I am leaving behind the morning greetings (and sometimes midnight awakenings) of my cat as she jumps on my bed. I am leaving the common glimpses of her basking in the sun and the calming time spent petting the fur of her and of my dog. I am leaving walks and hikes with my dog and with my parents, and the cool breeze that brushes my face as I walk through my neighborhood at night. I have left three weeks worth of conversations and catching up on our lives back in Boston. I have left my bike and my (mostly) daily rides back at my house, awaiting my return. The television also waits at home, perhaps grateful for the extra time off.

I am leaving many friends who I get to see more of during the summer, along with the games that we play and the fun we have.

Still I am leaving more things behind that go beyond physical presences. I am moving on from any lingering stress of school and any parts of my daily routine that have become stale. I am moving on from lazy summer days with few trips out of the house. I am leaving behind Youtube and late nights browsing the internet when I could be reading or writing. I am bringing along my comfort zone but breaking through and scattering bits and pieces of it as I go.

I am climbing out of monotony and coming back to curiosity and a fierce passion for new adventures. I am leaving my hesitations, my apprehensions and my judgements in favor of diving right in with kindness and alacrity.