A Moment of Growth

When thinking about this trip to Bhutan, I could only think of the positive outcomes of the trip. However when posed the question of what I am leaving behind, I was stumped. In all the excitement and anticipation of going, it had never entered my mind what I was leaving behind. I thought about specific things I was leaving behind like items at home, family, maybe even my comfort zone. And then, all of a sudden, it came to me. Rather than anything specific, I realized that I was in fact leaving behind a younger version of myself. I have never traveled to a foreign place without the company of my parents or brother. I hadn’t ever immersed myself into a project/trip such as this. For one of the first times, I was making a decision outside of my comfort zone and was luckily chosen to be part of this opportunity. I don’t even think last year I would have been ready for this journey. Something different, something new. I’m leaving behind a younger, more dependent self and am ready to immerse myself into Bhutanese culture with my other peers. I’m sure I’ll come back a much different person than I left and, while it sounds frightening, I couldn’t be more excited.

- Ishaan