A New Life in a New Land

On our trip to Bhutan, I'm going to embrace the new culture by leaving behind what holds me back from learning as much as I can. I'm leaving the worries of home, the stresses of tasks undone, and anything that angers me. At the same time, I'm leaving behind the physical objects which remind me of home. These include my bed, my TV, my food, and the people back home.

Moreover, I'm going to leave behind all thoughts and distractions of Phillips Academy. I have upper year coming up, and it brings many decisions and tasks to be done. All of these will be left at home, waiting there for me when I return.

Finally, I'm leaving behind any prior ideas I had or characteristics that have been attached to Bhutan, their culture, or the people. I'm going in with an open mind and I'm ready to learn as much as possible.

- Alex