CSR Session 1 - Catalyzing Social Change – What Works?

This session will feature students who are involved in three Andover programs that encourage the intersection of goodness, knowledge and action.   MJ Engel '13 (Feminism = Equality), Angela Leocata ‘13 (Thought into Action), Rachel Murree ‘14 (Niswarth), Reva Nohria ‘13 (Clutch Collaborative) and Justin Wang '13 (Divest Andover) will lead a discussion about engaging communities, the praxis cycle of action-reflection-action,  and transforming an idea into action.  The discussion will be moderated by Trish Russell (Instructor Science; Sustainability Coordinator; Dean, West Quad South).    Two questions to start our discussion:

What skills and mindsets are critical for students to be catalysts for social change?
How can the Andover community improve our general awareness of local and global social issues, and support students who want to become more actively involved with social justice issues?