The Walk

Everyday I walk to school. Although I have trudged this path hundreds of times, my mind has always been flooded with anxious and stressful thoughts such as homework, tests, and college. I don’t think that I have ever spent the time to observe my surroundings in thoughtful yet judgment free way.

            During my walk of judgment free observance I noticed things that I would never seen with a stressful mindset. As I exited my house I immediately sensed the creek of the old wooden steps. Rounding the corner of my driveway the cool morning air filled my lungs, and the adolescent sun was starting its journey across the sky. Frankly I was already surprised that in the first few moments of my walk I had actually noticed differences in my surroundings. As I walked down the street I continued to observe different elements of both nature and suburbia. I spotted nesting birds in a hollowed tree trunk, as well as the reddish brown rust on a mailbox’s flag. As I neared Phillips I struggled to keep my mind off academics. Thoughts of tests, homework, and projects entered my mind but I quickly suppressed them. Instead I focused on the structure of the Andover chapel, and the Andover Inn. I observed the ominous stature of the pointy steeple, as well as the contrast of the grungy back of the Andover Inn to its polished front. As I walked towards commons the sound of sprinklers clicking reminded my of crickets, and its artificial mist condensed on my arms. Entering commons the overwhelming elements of school shattered my focus, and I surrendered myself to the busy and stressful day ahead of me.