The Underlying Truth

We’re staying at the Environmental Sanitation institute for a couple days here in Ahmedabad. There’s a stone path that leads to a beautiful mediation sanctuary filled with green fruit trees. Perched on these trees birds sing their songs of joy and peace while we sit on brick benches, listening, learning. To the left there’s a small pond in which green water flows, low hanging braches arc over the peaceful waters. There’s also a guru, a guy so silent you wouldn’t believe. Silence is key. There are red signs at the base of the trees that read words like: Gratitude, Awaken, and Non-violence.

This trip has given me space.

 It’s given me space from everyone who I’m used to being around, and I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking lately about a lot of different things. I discovered that I’m becoming. 

I don’t know who I truly am because I’m becoming. The names and titles I associate myself with are really just temporary events that will come and go. Maybe some will stay longer than others, but all the sensation, all the emotion, all the people, are just ingredients being stirred inside a huge pot that is my life. Well, who’s stirring the pot? Who created the pot? Not sure yet, I guess these are the questions people are trying to figure out. Everybody has their ideas, and honestly, I think they’re all correct. However, I haven’t truly developed my own answer. I’m becoming, remember? I sort of just don’t know yet. I wish I did because I think it’d be easier to navigate through life, but for now I’m just going to keep on becoming.