Your true voice comes from the heart

I've always considered myself fairly connected with my "inner me." In fact, I've sometimes thought I'm more in-tune to my thoughts and more in-touch with my inner voice than most of my peers.  I take the time to slow down and reflect, to sift through my thoughts, to question what I believe in and how I want to live my life, and to just be with myself. But a few minutes ago, as I sat outside and listened to the wise words of  Mukesh Bhai, I began to seriously question the way and depth with which I think I know myself.

The thing that Mukesh Bhai emphasizes the most is the heart. Real peace comes from the heart. Real love comes from the heart. He says that, overall, your life will reflect whatever you choose to fill your heart with. Should you choose to fill your heart with stress and negativity, your everyday life, too, will be stressful and negative. And then, Mukesh Bhai goes on to say, your true voice comes from the heart. It is only when you can silence the incessant chatter of your mind, through something like meditation, that you can hear the voice of your heart and establish a true self-connection.

Which makes me wonder: do I actually know myself at all? Because, frankly, the voice that I listen to is most certainly one of the mind. Yes, many of these thoughts are derived from deep thinking and reflection,  but they are all still ultimately derived from thinking. However, I am  reluctant to that this voice isn't the "real me."

 At the same time, though, I can't help but wonder if there's another, deeper dimension to myself that I currently don't know at all. That maybe, in some way, there's a stranger living somewhere inside my depths, waiting to be discovered.