Stirring Inside

I feel as though I am leaving behind more in India than what I left behind two weeks ago in the states. I’ve experienced an onslaught of unconditional love within the partnership we’ve worked with in these past two weeks. The friendships I’ve formed in the past two weeks have been more authentic than many of the superficial friendships I’ve had over the years. I’ve been greeted with open arms and unconditional love throughout our travels to Manav Sadhna, the Setco Foundation, the Riverside School, and the Blind School. I felt that I’ve formed families at each of these organizations. I’m strongly conflicted about leaving all of these friendships behind and returning home.

I worry that returning home will restore my complacent western mindset that I left behind at Logan Airport on June 17th.  Personal transformation is difficult for me to conceptualize, because I don’t view my personality as malleable. I wish I could simply bring India home with me, but instead I feel I will need to re-evaluate my lifestyle. The founder of the Seva Café said, “It’s easy to give, but it’s hard to take.” He was referring to his café’s practice of a gifting economy. Similarly, I feel that it was easy for me to step aboard flight EK238, but it will be difficult to take away all that I’ve learned while in Gujarat.