Moving Away From The Comfort

            I flew with numerous types of airways in the past, but this one was different. I knew before hand that Qatar Airways was well known for its service but the first steps through the aisle amazed me. The first thing I noticed even before entering through the doors was the color of the room. There were purple lights that filled the aircraft with a welcoming vibe. Passengers came through the doors and were shown to their seats, most of which were in the economy class section — as was ours. My weighted eyes were stuck on a beautiful red bouquet of red roses that were placed on a table in front of the business class section. It was quite the beautiful set up in the business class section. My eyes then drifted to look at the business class seats as I walked down the aisle. I was tempted to just take a seat right there and then. The reclining seats, leg room, and comfortable blankets was the exact setup I needed after sitting in the airport for five hours waiting for the flight. If only I could just settle down there and shut my eyes for twelve hours. I needed to keep walking past the separating wall and into the small economy class seats though.

            This is not me expressing my hate for travel, because frankly I enjoy the extra time to work, sleep and catch up on new movies (Star Wars Rogue One was I’d say a solid 7.8/10, and Logan was maybe a 6… maybe). My realization though was more focusing on the difference in comfort. Internationally, the US and Canada are both known for how well-off the average citizen is. Just yesterday I was sitting on my couch on my back porch looking out to the woods in my back yard, waiting for my parents to come home so that we could start cooking. When we land in India later tonight, I do not know what I will expect, but all I know is that it will not be the same as yesterday. I will have to exit my comfort zone and get used to a way of life that is foreign to me. Although I get used to new environments easily, I will have realize the wonders that the economy seats provide that the business class seats don’t offer. I will have to leave my rhythm that I was used to during the first two weeks at home and be able to open up my comfort zone to new ideologies, ways of life and normalities that others are used to. I may not get to wake up in my comfortable bed, eat a regular breakfast and spend the day hanging out with my friends from Montreal and relaxing at home, but the thrill and curiosity of living in a different place, trying new foods and making many new friends will undoubtably excite me for the coming weeks.