Different Kinds of Joy

On our way down the mountain yesterday, Mr. Mundra, Lucy, and I listened to a Niswarth playlist. I carefully balanced my way down the muddy mountainside, stepping over stones and finding the best footholds for my tired feet. The steady rhythm of my footing, as well as the background music, didn’t provide much space for me to hold a long conversation. On our early ride back to the hotel, a similar sense of peace and quiet blanketed the three of us in the air-conditioned van. Looking out the window, I absorbed the silence in us being together. When I think about what the “joy of togetherness” looks like, it’s not always large groups of people talking and laughing. Sometimes, it’s long car rides in silence, while you and a couple of others watch the scenery pass by. The car-ride, however, provided a different kind of joy from our dinner that same night. Having gone on a long, exciting hike, everyone seemed to be in a light mood. Even though I didn’t make it to the top, I was proud that the others did. Seeing their smiling and laughing faces made me happy. Even now, I find it difficult to express in words what pure joy feels like. It can come in mellow forms, like a gentle drop of water falling onto your heart and creating circular ripples. Or, joy can feel like a balloon swelling in your stomach, as you can be laughing too hard with all your friends. If there is one thing that this trip has taught me, it has taught me to find joy in being together, no matter what you are doing. Whether it is laughing, having a good meal, or just staring out the window, joy can manifest itself anywhere.