Too Tired to not Laugh

            We got back to the hotel at eight after a long demanding day and all I wanted to do was take a warm shower, brush my teeth and head to bed. We did not eat enough today though so everyone planned on heading to the restaurant. My shoes were muddy, clothes wet and hair sweaty so I had a quick shower and changed into some fresh clothes before heading down. The group slowly began to arrive at our regular table but I could tell that I wasn't the only one ready for bed. After a long week of commitment to the Design for Change project we have been working on, Today was dedicated to getting our minds off of it. When we were told that we would be going trekking, I believed that it was exactly what I would need to relieve the pressure and excitement from the week. As I was sitting there, waiting for all others to come, all I could think about was how accomplishing and needed that trek was. I hadn't done a great amount of physical activity in the past two months because of a back injury I got, so going on a long hike felt amazing. I also was reminiscing on how it was tremendous to be able to spend time with the students we had been working with by doing an activity that didn't have to do with the project. Everything was so beautiful too, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the pictures I took, or things that I wished I hadn’t missed with my camera. I was sitting there so relaxed, accomplished, tired and in a state of pure joy listening to people starting to talk around me. Looking back now, I am surprised that I didn’t just head back to my room right when we had finished dinner. Something held me back though. We stayed seated for around forty-five minutes after I had finished. We were all still talking, making jokes and fooling around together, despite our tiredness. It was that type of humor that only other tired people would understand and laugh at. I remember looking around the table and realizing what was happening, why we were all still there even though we could have left a while ago. I let out a subtle smile, that no one had noticed and started laughing once again.