The Journey

A cool breeze, like blue, blew into my heart, and revived me. It provided a sense of renewal, a sense of rejuvenation where time chipped away at the heart. My heart longed for unity within itself, and finally my heart receives satisfaction. The fear of others, the fear of the future, and the fear of myself, no longer holds me hostage. Despite the weariness I’ve experienced…

I feel a calming breath of fresh air flowing into my nostrils.




And Bright

Shines the fiery embers of night time in my heart.

Inspiration sings its song within me,

a song of loving, again and again.

peace and joy strike the chords of the symphony resonating within,

Until a person in the audience yells, refusing to quiet down

no anger seemed to tame it

not even a short bursting of the fuse

But instead of reaction, instead of response

Sailing the song along

Without a pause

Beginning where they left off

Without a restart.


The stone of resentment removes it chain from my heart. It’s been hooked on for too long, causing bouts anger, bouts of sadness, and bouts of bewilderment. Along the journey, however, I’ve discovered…


The power of silence

Deafness to calamity calms the chaotic sea deep within

Silence realigns my heart, so I can listen

Following the inner voice

The Truth


Calling my name


I’ve cleaned, sweeping out the brown cobwebs and bugs clogging the ears. The cleaner my ears become, and with each sweep, I discover the limitless capacity of the human heart. Even after this journey ends, my heart reaches, stretching as far as possible to this land….


where the monkeys hang high

where the cows roam free

and where joy and peace finally

found its residence

inside of me